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Can I Take My Spousexxxxxxxxxx
for everything they have?

If by "taking your spouse for everything" you mean that you will be awarded all of the property, none of the debt and lots of child support, alimony, attorney's fees, etc., then the easy answer is no. The law in Nebraska is very clear. Marital property will divided essentially 50/50 (sometimes one-third, two-thirds); child support will be awarded according to the guidelines, and alimony will be based primarily on the length of the marriage, and the circumstances of the two parties, particularly their incomes.

Within that context, however, it is important to note that there can be a wide range of outcomes depending on the quality of legal representation you receive. During a divorce, quality of legal representation is determined by three factors: experience, skill and preparation. With over 18 years of experience from a practice devoted to family law, Patricia Geringer has the trial skills, negotiation skills, interrogation and discovery skills necessary to fully prepare your case for the best possible outcome.

Mrs. Geringer can often identify overlooked or hidden assets that have a significant impact on the bottom line of your case. It not uncommon for the firm to negotiate settlements and win awards at trial that are higher than originally expected. The difference between a reasonable outcome and the best possible outcome can mean several thousands of dollars to a typical client. Our goal will always be to get you the best possible settlement or trial result for your situation. Can you really afford anything other than the best?

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