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Who are our clients?
The majority of our clients seeking divorce actions and child support continue to be women and they come from widely diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Women may compose the majority of the practice primarily because many women find it easier to discuss their situation with another woman. In recent years, however, the number of male clients seeking these services have actually been growing at a larger percentage than women. We also find that at the beginning of a divorce women are more likely to seek recommendations for legal counsel from other women. As both a wife and a mother, I can appreciate just how important good sound recommendations can be to anyone involved in a divorce. In the community of women, we have established a remarkably good reputation.

Does this law firm represent men?
Absolutely!! We have represented many men, including representing them in some major cases where they received custody of their own children. This can happen in situations where men have unquestioningly been the primary caretaker of their children and it was in the best interests of the children for their custody to be with their father. It is important to note, whether the client is male or female, we do not take cases in which we are asked to compromise what the firm believes are the best interests of the children involved.

An interesting development in the last several years is that increasingly, many of the client referrals we receive are from men who were on the other side of a divorce; we usually represented their spouse and not them. But later on, when it came time to refer a friend or family member to an attorney, they chose us rather than their own attorney. We take this as the ultimate compliment!

In other areas of law - especially bankruptcies - we currently work more with families than individuals - but in this field, not including women who have been previous clients having other issues, men make up the majority of our individual clients.

Naturally -in the realm of business and real estate, families continue to comprise the majority of our clientele.

Regardless of the numbers and makup of our cases, you can be assured that you will find that we are receptive to your problems and concerns, we'll listen to you and we'll work hard to represent your best interests above all else!

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