Why Use an Attorney
         and not just a document company?

Are you prepared to properly answer the referee's questions in bankruptcy court? Are you confident you can protect your interests in a divorce case? After your death its too late to ensure that your will can stand possible court tests. Document services, under the law, can not provide legal services to you or represent you if you make a mistake! And mistakes can be costly.

If you purchase documents from a document service and later need an attorney, you could have paid $199 to $299 too much. And after purchasing documents - if that service offers legal services for its customers who need additional help with their documents, you may be paying more than the going standard industry rate in form preparation and legal representation combined. Our firm provides documents as well as an attorney to go with you to important hearings and remain available to you for advice and assistance.


In addition, our law firm brings over 20 years of legal experience in the field of family law, paternity, child support, bankruptcy and real estate law to your assistance. To arrange for an appointment you may call us at 402-734-0635, Contact us or complete this handy confidential FORM to schedule an appointment.

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