WHERE ARE WE LOCATED - And A Little History of Our Office Building
Where are we Located?
         Historical South Omaha!

The Law Office of Patricia Geringer is located in historical South Omaha. Just minutes from North and West Omaha, Sarpy County and other neighborhoods within the Metropolitan Area. The firm occupies their own completely restored and refurbished historical building at 25th and 'O' Streets.


Until the early part of the 20th Century, South Omaha was its own City until it merged with the City of Omaha. Since it was not annexed - the merger called for specific and numerated services to be continued to South Omaha as a part of the merger agreement.

In honoring this agreement, the City of Omaha revamped the old City Hall building in South Omaha in the late 1980's and implemented a Business Improvement District to ensure that South Omaha's interests were honored and maintained. South Omaha's City Hall continued to provide driver licensing and testing, Courts and Police Facilities as called for in the Merger Agreement.

Near the end of the century, the City of Omaha appeared to have reneged on all of its previous historical agreements and promises to the residents of South Omaha. It has failed to honor major sections of the Business Improvement District, It shut down the required services under the historical merger agreement which had continued out of the South Omaha City Hall building for over nearly a century and finally it sold South Omaha's historical City Hall building to private commercial interests. In short, it failed to keep its promises to our fathers, mothers and grandparents.

The South Omaha Business Improvement District - one of the most successful inner-city business redevelopment plans ever implemented in Omaha, restored much of the South Omaha Business District to nearly 100% occupancy (from an occupancy low of less than 50% a year earlier). Implemented in the mid 80's, the development effort was lead by a City Planner nearly single handedly. Through the use of an inovative local assesment plan developed by that same employee, the project cost the city tax payers next to nothing to implement. The result of the program has endured without any additional major development effort for nearly twenty years. The tax revenues from the South Omaha Business District have exceeded all of the original projections. And for his part, the individual who designed and managed the project, at that time a thirteen year employee of the planning department with a spot-less record and a history of major project implementation, was hounded out of his job by a City Administration lead by a Mayor who himself later fled the city after being involved in scandal and disgrace! Interestingly, no such additional development was ever again undertaken by the city outside of its downtown redevelopment efforts.

Regardless of current political attitudes and a City Planning Department suffering from lack of leadership, South Omaha continues to be Omaha's historical melting pot. Most of our forefathers at one time or another had a relationship with South Omaha - especially if you are a second or third generation resident of Omaha. When the the Irish invaded Nebraska - it was generally in South Omaha where they settled; When the Italians came - again, it was South Omaha they called home. When the Poles and other Eastern Europeans arrived during and after the Second World War, it was to South Omaha they came to raise their families and go on to become leaders in the community. Today it's our hispanic neighbors who are carrying out the proud tradition of melting into our community. Where the Mexican Museum is located today, the Polish Home was located just years earlier - itself replacing the former South High School campus.

We feel proud to be playing just a small part in investing in and maintaining an historical significant piece of our local heritage. Although no public funds were ever used in the redevelopment of the building, the building itself was saved from demolition by its present owners and has subsequently undergone two major upgrades over the past fifteen years.

The Patricia Geringer Law office presently resides with pride in this sturdy, historical brick building located at 2421 'O' Street (on the South-East Corner of 25th and 'O' Streets). The building dates back to 1879 when it was originally built as a general store and market. Its history is remarkable and memories abound of it standing in the midst of the wild west; while cowboys fought in the streets and cattle where driven past its front doors to the stockyards. Over the years that the building has stood - your grand parents and your great grand parents may have browsed through merchandise displayed here. They may have conducted business in its shadow while the building stood in the midst of crowded taverns, land offices and elegant hotels with painted ladies. Saddly, all but the building itself have vanished into history through the pressure of time. But during that time It has seen the South Omaha stockyards become the largest in the world and has remained to see it all but disappear. It has bore witness to wagon trains heading west as well as watching modern vehicles speed by on the interstate. It well may have borne withness to General Pershing and Colonel Custer. It remains a silent witness to some of our city's most important history - both good and bad. Hopefully, it will remain for another hundred years to greet our great grandchildren throughout the remainder of the twenty-first century.


Today, as it has for over fifteen years, it is lovingly cared for by its renovator and owner, the Patricia Geringer Law Firm.

You are invited to pay us a visit. You'll find our offices bright, new, clean and attractive. And most importantly, staffed by knowledgeable, caring professionals. Access to our office is fifteen minutes from anywhere you live in the Omaha Metropolitan area. You can take the John F Kennedy Expressway and exit either at the 'L' Street exit or at the 'Q' Street exit. If coming off 'L' Street, go to 25th Street, and then south for two blocks. The Law Office is located on the South-East Corner of 25th and 'O' Streets. If you're traveling from 'Q' Street, take 25th Street North for two blocks. Traveling either way on South 24th Street, turn west on 'O' Street.

If you're unsure of a legal issue, talk to us. We can either assist you or refer you to someone who can. If translation is required, we can make arrangements to have a translator present (please allow 48 hours for the arrangements - unless its an emergency). If you work and need an after hours appointment, we can arrange that as well. And you can visit an historic, restored building where your parents and grand parents may have trod in far days past.

If you'd like to consult with us regarding any legal matter, the first half hour consultation is FREE. You can call us at 402-734-0635, email us at or complete the handy confidential appointment FORM.