Registered Agent Services
         and do I need one in Nebraska?

Most states, including Nebraska, require that a corporation have a Registered Agent who maintains a registered office within the state of incorporation. This Registered Office may be at an address that is different from the Corporation's business address (as where the corporation's business office is not located within the state).

Most often, you may act as registered agent for a corporation as long as your Registered Address is within the state. However, this address MAY NOT be a post office box.

The main purpose of the registered Office/Agent requirement is to provide potential claimants against your corporation with a person, whose whereabouts are available in public records, who may accept service of process on behalf of the corporation. In addition, tax notices and other official documents are usually forwarded to the Registered Office/Agent.

By having an attorney as a registered agent, you have immediate legal representation available should the need arise.

Our law firm brings nearly 25 years of legal experience in business matters. Patricia Geringer has taught as a Business Law Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha for over five years. She has over 20 years experience in business and as a former School Board Member of the largest school district in the state, she has ample business experience to assist you or your corporate attorney in local issues.

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