The Art of Stretching Your Dollars!

While bankruptcy can eliminate many of your debts, you may still find it difficult to make ends meet, even without all the credit card and medical bills. Sometimes it is tough finding enough money to get through the month. Here are some tips to help make your monthly income stretch a little further:

Keep the Home Fires Buring: If you’re like most people, housing is your largest single monthly expense. Lowering your housing costs can make a big difference in your monthly budget. Homeowners with a mortgage may find it hard to lower their monthly payment. However, if you rent, consider getting a roommate to share housing costs. Shop around to see if you can get a better deal on an apartment.
Moving Out: Having a car or truck is expensive. On top of car payments, you have to pay for repairs, maintenance, insurance and gas – costs that can really add up. If you live in a large city with public transportation, decide whether you need a car at all. If your family owns more than one vehicle, consider whether you could get by with just one car. Getting by with fewer (or no) vehicles can translate into big savings.
Brilliant Ideas: Utilities – your gas, electric, cable and telephone bills – are a major factor in any budget, especially in the winter when heating costs are high. Making small sacrifices can result in big savings on your utility bills. Instead of picking up the phone, try writing letters (or using e-mail) to keep in touch with friends and family. Remember to turn the heat down and turn off lights when you are leaving the house for long period of time. You can even conserve energy while you’re at home. Try putting on a sweater and an extra pair of socks when you’re cold, rather than automatically reaching for the thermostat.
You need to Eat: Instead of going out to eat with friends, take turns cooking for each other at home. Pack a lunch for work so you don’t have to buy lunch from a restaurant every day. Take your own snacks and sodas so that you can feed yourself without



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