Child Support, Paternity, Child Custody and Visitation
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Did you know that if you're currently taking advantage of FREE child support enforcement (for paternity) services - offered by the state, if a private attorney wasn't involved in the initial paternity proceedings or an earlier divorce, there's a good chance that you may not have legal custody of your own children?

In addition to the potential issues represented by the lack of child custody, you may find yourself waiting long periods of time for actions which could be completed much sooner. When raising children are concerned -- time is indeed money and if you're like us, you simply can't wait for a bureaucrat to address your case. Various jurisdictions have different laws and procedures regarding child support enforcement.

If you're in doubt of which course of action to take, call your local bar association for additional information.It's also important to remember that unlike a public defender, public attorneys who may be involved with securing your child support - do not work or represent you ... they work for and represent the state! Any information you share may not be held confidential since you are not their client!


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