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How can I keep my fees and costs down?
The major cost in getting a divorce is your attorney's time. You can significantly reduce the amount of time needed by your attorney to prepare your case by being organized. Your attorney will need a lot of financial information from you. Information regarding your home, your mortgage, your savings accounts, IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, debts, living expenses, etc. You can either pay your attorney to collect and organize this information for you or you can spend a little time and energy getting it yourself. With our guidance and coaching, we find that our clients can save a significant amount of money by taking responsibility for this part of their divorce.

Computerized Information Management
Additionally, to further reduce your fees and keep your costs as low as possible, we have developed an extremely efficient, very effective proprietary system of computerized information management and document preparation which we use in all of our cases. With this system, we can effectively manage the process of organizing the information that is so crucial to the preparation of your case and ensure that we have everything we need. Once the information is collected and entered into a computerized database, it can be directly merged into the various petitions, motions, exhibits and other documents that are generated in your case. This significantly reduces your costs by minimizing our document preparation time.

Team Approach
In our office, we utilize a team approach designed to provide you with the highest quality legal representation while minimizing your fees and costs. All of the members of our team are knowledgeable about your case and capable of handling questions or details about the case. With this team approach, Mrs. Geringer, as lead attorney, supervises all aspects of your case while she delegates to her experienced and highly competent staff the time consuming, repetitive tasks that don't require her direct attention. This saves you money since staff time is billed at a significantly lower rates than Mrs. Geringer's time. Mrs. Geringer reserves for herself those tasks that require her years of training, experience and expertise, such as negotiation, interrogation, trial preparation and representing clients in court. With this team approach, you get the highest quality legal services at the lowest cost.

Settling Out of Court
Finally, with Mrs. Geringer's 18 years of experience and her reputation as a winning litigater, we've found that this "intimidation factor" often makes it unnecessary to take your case to trial. In fact, a high proportion of our cases, approximately 75%, are settled before trial. We recognize that getting a favorable settlement out of court is much more cost effective for you because it eliminates the time and expense involved in taking a case to trial. Also, with our experience in family law matters we know which issues to fight for in court and which issues to settle and how to settle them.

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