Paternity Cases, Custody, VisitationxxxXX
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Where Parents Were Never Married to Each Otherxxxxxrxxxxxxx

According to the law, both parents are responsible for a child's upbringing, both emotionally and financially. In situations where the parents of a child have never been married to each other, a paternity case can be brought by either the father or mother. The paternity case...

  • Establishes that the father is the legal, biological father of the child.
  • Determines custody and visitation.
  • Sets Child Support according to the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines.
  • Can order the other parent to be responsible for the expenses of the pregnancy and the birth of the child.
  • Can order the other parent to pay a portion of work-related daycare expenses.

Can Be Filed By Either Parent
Most often, paternity cases are filed by the mothers of children who want to receive child support and other financial assistance such as daycare reimbursement and health insurance for the child. However, paternity cases can also be filed by fathers who want to establish their rights of visitation or custody with their child.

It is important for mothers to understand that filing a paternity action for child support may also result in the other parent receiving rights of visitation with the child. It is also important for fathers to understand that filing a paternity action for visitation will also result in being ordered to pay child support, daycare expenses and health insurance.

The process works like this: A Petition is filed asking for the Court to make a determination that the father is found to be the legal biological father of the child. If there is a question about whether or not the father is the biological father of the child, DNA-based paternity testing will be done. DNA testing is highly accurate and very reliable.

If the testing is positive or the father admits paternity, the Court will determine child custody, visitation, child support according to the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines and will order the non-custodial parent to pay a portion of work-related daycare expenses, and will apportion health insurance costs.

Mrs. Geringer has over 18 years of experience in Child Support, Paternity and Enforcement law. She is recognized for her knowledge of Paternity and support law and regulations.

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