When buying a home -- as in the case of most home purchases in the metropolitan area, the agent is usually hired (and is working for) the seller. On the other hand, if you enter into a buyer's contract with the same firm who has a listing (or seller's) contract with the owner of the property you've purchased, who is the agent really representing at the closing of the sale? If that agent is also arranging the title company, your mortgage and the inspection company -- who do you suppose they're really working for? Sure, essentially you're probably going to pay the bill - but you may be their customer,

Who's representing your best interests?

not their client - or both parties may be their client! In any case, who is representing you're best interests in the transaction?

Buyers moving in from the east or west coast may be more familiar with the involvement of an attorney in reviewing contracts, escrow and other aspects of a real estate transaction. In Nebraska, however, many times it can remain fairly unclear to the buyers and sellers who is representing whom. Above all, do not be discouraged from asking an attorney for advice!

As attorneys we believe it is still important to ensure that a buyer has the help and representation of at least one party - that of his or her own attorney. When it comes to purchasing real estate -- there are many things you need to know and these should be fully explored! A good legal review of the transaction is much less expensive than a protracted litigation after the sale

If you've elected to sell your home - either by yourself or through a real estate firm, you may want to seriously consider employing an attorney to assist you with the sale (especially if you're selling the property yourself - after all, when an interested buyer approaches you, will you be ready with a purchase contract and other necessary forms?). If you have questions regarding an attorney's role in buying or selling real property, you should contact your state bar association office or your family lawyer. If in Nebraska, you certainly can contact us for both advice and assistance.

When employing an attorney regarding issues of real estate, ensure that counsel has adequate experience in this area. Various states and jurisdictions have different laws and regulations regarding how these particular cases are handled. Click here for law firm qualifications.

To set up an appointment to discuss matters involving real estate, call, fax or e-mail us.

This is not meant to be a solicitation for legal Services nor does it constitute legal advice. Click here for information regarding a liability disclaimer.

For more information, send e-mail to: or call (402)734-0634 for a free telephone consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are welcome!

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