Compare our Legal Fees against a National Document Company!
If you're considering a simple bankruptcy or non-contested divorce, compare these prices
(before paying too much for preprinted legal documents without the support of an experienced attorney.)
Legal Matter Involved
Document Service
Our Law Firm - Documents & Legal Services 
 $550 (You pay only $250 more for BOTH document preparation  and legal services for the life of the action)
 Bankruptcy - 13
 $194 Down - the balance paid from bankruptcy plan (You pay $5 less for BOTH document preparation and legal services). This  includes legal representation, counseling and court costs.
 (Balance is paid by plan)
 Bankruptcy - 7
 $450 (You pay only $250 more for BOTH document preparation  and legal services). This includes legal representation and  counseling.
 NOTE: Except for Chap 13 Bankruptcy - Filing and Court Fees are usually extra

Now you tell us - which is the better deal?

In bankruptcy court - are you prepared to properly answer the referee's questions? Can you afford to finalize a divorce without knowing the full implication of child and spousal support? Document services, under the law, can not provide these services to you or represent you if you make a mistake!

If you purchase documents from a document service and later need an attorney, you've paid $199 to $299 too much - and if you use that service's recommended attorney later should you need assistance, you may be paying more than the going standard industry rate in form preparation and legal representation combined! And consider this - our document preparation costs you between $50 and a $100 for a personalized document -- including legal review and prompt electronic filing. Isn't $199 really too expensive just to have a document prepared by a clerk?

At our law firm the first meeting between you and an attorney is always FREE. In short, employing an attorney may not be as expensive as you have been lead to believe! Considering how expensive legal mistakes can be, working with an experienced attorney may be the cheapest way to address your important legal issues.

Before you make a costly mistake, give us a call. We have nearly 20 years of experience in family and bankruptcy law. We are constantly educating ourselves on all new state and federal laws - and we can certainly help you in ways you are bound to appreciate.

Compare our prices then you decide! Isn't it really worth having an experienced attorney in your corner - rather than a simple pre-printed form prepared by a clerk?

Please NOTE: Prices listed here, as at the Document Firm, reflect the basic fee of the action. Should additional issues arise which are not properly disclosed at the initial consultation --- or the client's actions results in additional attorney time being contributed to the case - fees may increase. For further information see HOW TO REDUCE LEGAL FEES on this site.