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Welcome. The fact that you're visiting our web site means that you have probably decided to get a divorce or are considering doing so. If that is the case, there are a number of things you should consider even though it is certainly a time of great stress, upheaval and uncertainty. At this point, it may be difficult to see how you can ever get through this divorce, get back to a "normal" life and be OK.

In order for you to get through this period feeling as good as possible and with the least emotional turmoil and stress, it is important that you have answers to your questions and information on which you can truly rely. When you understand the process of divorce and the steps involved, much of the fear and uncertainty may be dispelled. Equipped with information and an understanding of just what to expect, you can start rebuilding your life right now by making smart choices and good decisions as you move forward with your divorce.

A number of pages on this site are extremely important to you and these can either be accessed from our Homepage or by selecting them from the list below.

Thanks for educating yourself about divorce and for learning more about us and the services we provide. If there are any questions you have that have not been addressed at this site, please go to the Contact page for information on how to contact us. Unfortunately, because of malpractice and insurance issues, we are unable to provide legal advice by e-mail or telephone. Please use our e-mail link, or our appointment page for setting up an appointment. What would a lawyer's web site be without a disclaimer? Please read it. And when you're ready to take the next step in your divorce, please call us at (402) 734-0635 for a free consultation.

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